Flora, An Italian Experience

After an exciting work experience in New York we decided to try to show culinary tradition of our land to New Yorkers. It's easy to say "Italian cuisine," but it's very difficult to define and convey what really is, for us Italians, food and everything that revolves around it.

We are not chefs but we have a boundless passion for our cultural and culinary heritage. Having grown up in an environment where, for example, Sunday's lunch is consumed along with more than twenty people, starting at noon to end up as the evening, it's hard not to have a strong dedication to the food, for the good and genuine food.

We are from Vallo di Diano (SALERNO), Southern Italy area straddling the Lucania hills and the Cilento sea and this means that our cuisine has lots of varieties and influences.

True Italian Cuisine varies from mile to mile but having a common thread, namely the simplicity of the recipes, cooked with very few, genuine, and high quality ingredients.
Simple but very tasty dishes, like a quick "Penne with fresh made Basil Pesto Genovese", or a delicate Panino with Prosciutto di Parma and a fresh Pecorino cheese from Tuscany.
This it is the only Italian cuisine which we'll always want to hear about in the world. Always be wary of those who use creams, sauces, rich sauces with aromas and flavors calling that with some Italian name along with a chicken or bolognese packed full of who knows what.

Most of the key products, are imported directly from Italy, from small local productions (including my family farm which will import the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and artichokes).

Then, products such as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) "White Fig of Cilento" and many of the best cheeses of our products area made with real milk of goats and cows walking along our hills.

We serve breakfast to lunch through a very tasty brunch. Breakfast, typically Italian, with cappuccino, espresso (Caffè Borbone from Napoli), cornetto, curd tarts (Imported goat cheese), fruit tarts, and simple homemade pastries typical of our breakfast.

Our Panini, with the highest quality bread, and "gourmet products" such as Cetara's Tuna and Anchovies Fillets, capers from Pantelleria, PGI & PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses and all the best imported Salumi.

Also you can buy many of the products we use for our dishes.

We are operating with a soft opening that allow us to offer the best of our service and the best food starting to break in the machine for import.

Once we will obtain wine and beer license we will have a full menù and will be open for a great Dinner too, with Italian imported beers and wines.

Who is Flora? Flora is my Mother's name and I choose this name to express gratitude to who made all the things I am.
Her passion for cooking reflects the value that has food for us Italians as convivial means for being familiar and friendly.

That's Flora.


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  • Espresso $2.75
  • Double Espresso $3.25
  • Macchiato $3.50
  • Cappuccino $4.00
  • Latte macchiato $4.00
  • Americano $3.50
  • Tea $3.00
  • Spremuta d'arancia/Fresh squeezed orange juice $4.00
  • Cioccolata calda/Hot chocolate $5.00


  • Uova in camicia /Poached organic Eggs $15
  • Brioche con Prosciutto di Parma/Pain Au Lait w/Prosciutto di Parma $12.00
  • Frutta & yogurt greco/Fresh cut fruit & white greek yogurt $10.00
  • Cornetto/Croissant plain or w/ Nutella$ 3.50
  • Ciambella/Fresh baked orange peel pound cake $4.00
  • Torta caprese/Fresh baked chocolate cake w/ almond flour $ 5.00
  • Crostatina di marmellata/Fresh baked fig jam tart $ 5.00
  • Pane tostato burro e marmellata/Toasted bread w/ butter and fig jam $ 6.00


  • Focaccia Pollese con funghi porcini, patate, provola affumicata/Focaccia w/Porcini, potatoes, smoked cheese $8.00
  • Focaccia classica con mozzarella, pomodoro e basilico/Focaccia w/mozzarella, tomatoes, basil $6.00


  • Pasta al Pesto Genovese $15.00


  • Prosciutto di Parma, pecorino Toscano, olive di Gaeta $16.00
  • Finocchiona, gorgonzola, confettura di fichi bianchi $16.00
  • Mortadella, taleggio e carciofini $15.00
  • Tonno, pomodoro e capperi di Pantelleria $15.00
  • Mozzarella, pomodoro e basilico $13.00
  • Fresella tonno, pomodoro, olive e capperi di Pantelleria $15.00


  • Parmigiano Reggiano, rucola, pera, noci, pomodorini $15.00
  • Tonno, pomodorini, Olive di Gaeta, Capperi di Pantelleria $15.00
  • Mozzarella, pomodorini, olive di Gaeta, basilico $14.00

We are OPEN
Tuesday to Friday 08:00 am to 06:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
Monday Closed

Flora, An Italian Experience

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